Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Making Travel Plans

So I've decided that this year I will fill in some of the blanks on my US Riding Map.

I am researching each state, looking for a memorable point of interest. My objective is to find interesting destinations in states I don't know a lot about and hold a preconceived notion that the middle of the country is flat and boring. I'm willing to have my opinion swayed.

I want to keep the total miles to Billings at about 3,500 because I have 6 days to get out there.

Right now it looks like I can pick up the following 8 states: KY, MS, AK, MO, OK, KS, NE & CO.
So far I have two waypoints picked.

Monday, June 8, 2015

On the Road to No Where

I'm giving though to filling in my un-ridden gap across the middle of the country as I head to Billings, MT for the MOA Rally in July.
I'm just worried about dying of boredom and tornadoes.  Suggested must sees in these states? I love a good road side attraction. I have no interest in the whole touch each state for the sake of saying you did, so save those links for someone else. It would be great see or experience something that will make me remember the state.

visited 33 states (66%)
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Birthday Gift for Lisa

It's Lisa's 20th birthday. And this year I'm asking a favor of my readers.
Lisa wants to travel next fall.  We all know where that girl got her love of travel! This is a special kind of travel, it's called Semester at Sea.  It's an opportunity to see the world while attending school. I'd like to support her in this wish.  Unfortunately the tuition is double what a normal semester is at the U. of Tampa (where it's summer everyday).  So we're trying some fundraising.  If you are in a position to throw a few dollars in the jar, she'd very much appreciate it.     Thank you.  And, Happy Birthday to my Kiddo, who is no longer a kid.

Monday, July 7, 2014

One Hundred Thousand Memories

This is not my first post espousing my K75 .

100,000 Miles
We first met when my motorcycle endorsement was but 3 days old.

I dropped it the first time I tried to take it off the center stand. And to this day it still has asymmetric mirrors, because I was too embarrassed to admit I did not know the difference between a high and low one.

Asymmetric Mirrors
It is, of course, the bike we took on The Trip.  This reason alone justifies my never wanting to sell it.

The Trip

And this leads into why I have $1,000 dollars in parts on order for a bike that could, at best, fetch $2,000.  It is my most illogical investment. But it would break my heart to part with it.   So when my trusted mechanic called with the sad news that the splines on both the final drive and drive shaft where shot, and while we're at it, we ought to replace the alternator. I glanced briefly at the savings account, took a deep breath, and said "let's do this thing".  100,000 miles, the bike owed me nothing, but carries everything.  It's only money. In a few years I'll never remember where those dollars went. But I'd be terribly lost if I failed to invest in my 68 hp memory album. I want to put more memories, more sMiles on the K. 

Let's do this thing.