Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gear for the Riders

I have all these mental check lists of things I need to get for our trip.
This far out from the start I can leave those check lists in my head; but I need to start taking action on them.
Lisa need some gear this year. Boots, pants and maybe a jacket. I really like the idea of us having matching gear, but that will be expensive. I hope to go used on the boots and pants.
I'm waiting on MAX to get the Rev'it Line, it would be great to get women's pants!
Matching helmets for sure. I'm interested in the Nolan helmets with built in communication.

I need a new riding suit as well. I don't have anything appropriate for track day. I better get moving on that...I'm not that easy to fit!

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Mongo said...

Nice start! It will be nice watching your trip come together here.