Monday, March 26, 2007

You can get it all on eBay

I remember one early morning fill up at a gas station Middle-O-Nowhere, USA; a regular was leaning against the door jam as I came in to pay for my gas. “What kinda bike is that?” He inquired about my K1100LT. “It’s a BMW” I responded. “Oh, that’s the Cadillac of bike”. Well, actually it’s the BMW of bikes…but I kept that thought to myself.

One of the items on my trip list is a laptop; a durable laptop that won’t complain about being thrown in a side case, one that will endure the vibration (vibration on a K bike?) and heat. It did not take much research to learn that the Panasonic Toughbook sets the standard for tough laptops. But I almost dismissed the practicality of getting the best. A new Toughbook is over $2,000 and even in the used market they hovered around $1,000; neither price was consistent with my desire to “do more with less”.

Resigned to pick up a used Dell on eBay, I surfed one more time for a laptop with a smaller footprint, and up popped the Toughbook again. This time at a price point I could not believe. With an hour left on the auction, on a Sunday morning, the bid was only at $250. I read the posting carefully, and put in my offer…and scored. For under $300, I’ll be happily testing out the vibration worthiness of a Panasonic Toughbook CF-28 this summer!

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