Sunday, April 8, 2007

Plenty of time, right?

68 Days 'till we leave? Isn't that a little more than two months? Ack. That makes me nervous – for a minute. The snow we received this past week had a de- motivating effect. And I’ve been a little busy responding to election questions over on the MOA board.

Good news in the luggage category. It looks like I’ll be borrowing Kevin’s Kuryakyn Full Dresser bag. It will sit ok on the small rack behind the passenger’s seat. I still need to test it with Lisa and a load (when it get’s above freezing around here) Using it will save me from buying something more custom, and/or fabricating more of a shelf back there.

I learned from Voni on the MOA forum that the Going to the Sun Road may not be open until July 1. My initial schedule has us rolling in the last week of June. Now I need to think about the possibility of flipping our route. I’ll need to check back often to see how work is progressing.

I’ve been pulling the atlas out more often and reading about other people’s route ideas. There is a very useful article in the April ON about coming to the rally from the West. I appreciate that Jackie and Chris Hughes put this information together. I can remember pouring over ON issues in 2004 for the very same reason; I carried them with me in my travels. Authors never know who is benefiting from their work! I would have missed out on the Huckleberry Pancakes!

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