Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sherpas, they're not just for Everest anymore.

Picture: My old K1100LT packed for two up camping. Wacky Hat Camp Out 10/2004

Last year the MOA National rally was in Burlington, VT. We decided to camp but riding 2 up with camping gear is a challenge. We have pulled it off in the past, with the LT, but I wanted to bring more stuff – so I opted to ship our gear ahead. This turned out better than expected as a couple of friends ended up picking up the gear and setting up the tent for us (thanks Joe and iRene!). This enabled us to head up a day early, with no concern of getting in late. What a luxury.

I could ship ahead this year but shipping back is a hassle so I’ve opted for a more simplified option. I’ve reserved my tent ahead of time. Imagine how easy this is? The tent will be set up ahead of time in a little tent village with other “renters”. We will have a two person tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, pillows and chairs, plus a clean towel every day; all for less than the price of a hotel room. This wonderful service is offered by Mayberry’s Sherpa Service. A round of applause to Ted for offering a valuable service to those of us who want to be on the camp grounds with our friends, but just can’t manage to pack that much on our bike!

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