Friday, April 27, 2007

What's the Plan?

The trip counter I have over in the right column is very powerful. It has the power to make me feel nervous, excited, panic stricken and even happy.

Planning, how much is enough? How much is too much? We can only answer that question for ourselves. I fancy myself to be organized and not easily ruffled. I think I am planning just enough. But sometimes I glance at that counter and think “OMG, I haven’t planned a thing!” Then I examine the details and think I’m doing ok.

My planning falls into a few categories:
Mechanical Stuff:
SPARE has not been out this spring; it remains undercover in its winter spot in the garage. That will change in the coming week; the GT is out of service with its brake issues. I’ll order new sneakers for it shortly, and bring it up to Jim’s for a once over. I’m so grateful to have a mechanic who treats my bike as if it where his own.

Kevin has volunteered to upgrade the auxiliary lights and ensure that the 12v power supply is going to be reliable. Garmin will have the socket most of the time, except when I need to charge my phone – although I could bring the desktop charger and use that at night. I think I’ll end up running tunes from Lisa’s old Zen. It’s only 512mg, but I have a 60g hardrive on the Toughbook, so I can bring my music library with me…I’ll have to test this idea out.

Travel Stuff:
I have my departure location set. Rob Nye posted a nice route on MOA for getting to Canada, I may use that. I finally received my updated maps from Garmin; they came complete with MapSource which I can now use to plot out some routes. I will be comfortable to know where we are going the first couple of days, then we will check the map in the evening and make plans for the next day. A friend has picked out a Pacific landing point for us, I’ll post pics shortly. There are four fixed dates-locations we need to hit: Glacier, departure from the West Coast, arrival to West Bend for the Rally, and get home date. Lots of flexibility, not much planning in between. Lisa and I have started discussing the types of places we’d like to go to in between. State capitals and other Nashua’s are two such types. I have several offers for rides as we get closer to the Rally site. I’m settled on the dates for Glacier and have located the motel that I stayed in 2004. I’ll book rooms there. It’s right across from the Huckleberry Pancake place, so we’ll know where our breakfast is coming from!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be shopping for a helmet and riding gear for Lisa. I’m still on the fence about getting myself a new helmet. I think the Shoei is just too loud to run helmet speakers – but I’ll test it out on the K75 before deciding. Then, once I have Lisa’s gear, we’ll test ride our first day route. She needs a little enlightening on what a day is going to be like!

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Anonymous said...

Wow..this soundds like a lot of fun and lot of planning/prepping. I bet Lisa is about as excited as she could possibly get. It sounds like it is really going to be fun.