Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Awards & Tallys - BMW MOA

Awards & Tallys - BMW MOA

I see two awards that we have a chance at this year! The long distance award is based on the distance between home and the rally site - usually not a lot of competition in our category. We won second prize in Burlington, but that didn't seem like much of an accomplishment being so close to the site. Nashua to West Bend = 1,130 on Mapquest; seems odd to compete for this when we are not traveling between those two points. I wonder if there is a distance award at Spearfish Black Hills Stampede? Nashua to Spearfish, SD = 1,960 mi. Although it will take us about 5,000 miles to get there.
The Grand Tour award is miles from when you leave home and get to the rally, if they have a second place for that, I think we may be in the running. First place is usually over 10K miles, we'll be slightly under that.
We don't ride for the prize, but it would be so satisfying to hear our names called!

Individual Awards:
Long Distance, Male Rider
Long Distance, Female Rider
Long Distance, Two-up, Male
Long Distance, Two-up, Female
Long Distance, Two-up, Mixed
Long Distance, Sidecar, Male
Long Distance, Sidecar, Female
Long Distance, Sidecar, Mixed
Long Distance Vintage Thumper
Long Distance International Rider
Long Distance European Rider
BMW MOA Grand Tour
BMW MOA North American Tour"


Anonymous said...

The Black Hills BMW Stampede has had a long distance award in the past. I know last year the winner won a Butt Pad Sheep Skin from Alaska Leather. The funny part about it was the winners were from the same area in Alaska as Alaska Leather. The individual that got second place, also from Alaska, lived roughly 30mi. closer. What a bummer!!!

SheRidesABeemer said...

Dang, Alaska, Key West and San Diego is where you need to live to get a distance prize! We'll be rolling into Spearfish with around 6,000 miles!