Friday, May 11, 2007

People You Meet on the Way

Picture: Reid sent this picture of me leaving the gas stop.

I could not let this languish in the comments section. I received this note out of the blue yesterday. Isn't motorcycling grand?

Hey Gail,

On July 12 2004 I arrived at the gates of Glacier National Park in Montana. I was waiting at the gas station for some friends that were headed down from the Lunatic Fringe Rally up in Canada.

Here comes this K bike that's identical to mine - even the same wonderful Blue. COOL. As she gassed up we chatted a bit. Then you headed on into the park!

What fun to run across you again! I recently started looking at the MOA forums again and 'thought' that was you. The Gilette Wyo thread led me to this blog.

One of my dearest friends, Griz, lives in Spearfish and helps Aaron (a little) put on the Black Hills Stampede. Griz was in the Lunatic bunch in '04. The plan has me getting there in time for the Stampede.

If I make it, we can say Hi again.

Anyway, have a great, safe trip - what fun for you to be able to share what we 'do' with your daughter.

all my best,

reid aka ptero(I still have my K, now at 168,000. Michigan plate>> PTERO)

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Anonymous said...

What a small community we all share. What a terrific story!