Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rainy Day Planning

Thank goodness for rainy days. It has taken me most of the weekend plan 32 Waypoints and create 24 Routes using MapSource. I then uploaded these to Garmin. The beauty of such planning is that – I have a plan! Everyday we just get up, select the day's route and off we go. If we deviate from the route, Garmin just recalculates.

This exercise was not just plugging in towns along the way, but also looking at where I want to go, what we want to see and look for interesting routes to get there. I don’t feel over planned. I feel prepared. The last thing I want to do is have 5 weeks in front of me and no plan. I find this type of work comforting.

Lisa came over to thank me for doing all the planning. She was grateful that she was not responsible for this! Enjoy the free ride for now honey!


Anonymous said...

I haven't had much luck using routes with Garmin. Garmin seems to get confused if you are not sitting at the programmed start for your route when you select route. Maybe it is better now but I gave up trying to use the route feature several years ago and just stick with what works for me.

Have a good trip, if you need any assistance in the Midwest ping me off list for contact info or I am listed in the ON under Knox, IN.

I save the locations I want to visit as waypoints and then tell Garmin to navigate to them. If I need to hit several waypoints I will load the most distant one, select navigate and then add the other waypoints I want to hit by using the EDIT VIAS function which can be accessed by pressing the MENU key while the map page is displayed.

SheRidesABeemer said...

Thanks for the word of warning. This is the first time I've used MapSource for route planning. I've had my Garmin 2620 for 3 years now, I know how fickle it can be! Along with the routes, it also loaded all of the waypoints on which the routes are based on. Between that and paper back up I think I have the route covered.