Friday, May 4, 2007

Travel Calendar Updates

Did I say I wasn’t going to plan? When the mood strikes it strikes big! Check out my calendar at the bottom of the page. I’d been working the middle of the schedule and finally had to I sketch out the front. It was a relief when the front end of the trip met the middle of the trip…on the right day!
I think the miles are reasonable; there is only one 500 mile day, Marquette, MI to Grand Forks, ND. We’ll have the change of time zones in our favor to get an early start on the day. Otherwise I targeted a conservative 350 miles per day.
We have 5 state capitals plus the Canadian capital of Ottawa. In addition to Glacier National Park, I’ve added Redwood National Park and the Grand Coulee Dam. There are several choices for Mountains in WA & OR. Mt. St Helens, Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier. However, Rainier has been closed since 11/2006 due to flood damage. Its possible many of the auto roads will remain closed through this summer.
Two rallies: MOA National and the BMW Black Hills Stampede.
I have nothing after the National’s are over. I’ll get to that later. I’m thinking about a trip to Virginia and DC. After all we’re starting at one National capital, why not finish at another?

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