Wednesday, June 6, 2007

10 Days till blast off.

Picture: Lisa is ready for all weather!
I took the newly refurbished K75 over to the DMV (dept motor vehicles) parking lot on Saturday, in the rain. I had it fully test loaded, except for the kiddo. I practiced braking, cornering and handling. Practicing braking was a good idea after spending time on the track with the GT! You need a bigger handful of brake, oh yeah and the rear brake too, to stop the K75.
I spent a good 3 hours finding a home for all that I’m bringing. I’d already inventoried the clothes and they all fit in the dresser bag. I inventoried and packed all of the electronics, rain gear and misc. stuff. I found a place for everything and the bike does not feel over whelmed. The new tank bag filled up nicely, and I cut out a hole in the map pocket for Garmin to slip through.
I had Lisa try on all her new and old riding gear, plus rain gear. I wistfully was thinking maybe we won’t have to use it! Maybe the last weeks of rain we’ve had will magically disappear. Maybe not.
Oh yeah, I still haven’t had Lisa out to practice with the music and communication devices. I know the Interphone works well, having tested it with Kevin, but I’ve not tried it with the music.
Luck Favors the Prepared!


Unknown said...

The umbrella will cause a ton of drag!

You think you're gonna need tires at some point on this marathon?

SheRidesABeemer said...

But I have Marathon tires - Metzler ME88 & 880. They're good for 15-20K, so we'll be good on that front (and rear).

redlegsrides said...

Sounds like you're all set for the big trip, hope you two have great fun.

Re the m880s, best I got was 10.5k out of my front one I think...

Nice blog, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Godspped to you both Gail!

Enjoy the trip!