Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Sky Country

2,050 Miles later, we've made it to Montana. Now all we need is a hotel with decent internet connectivity! It was two windy days across MI, WI and MN. 30mph sustained cross winds with strong gusts. We must have looked like two drunks weaving down the highway trying to keep it between the lines! But it was calm yesterday as we headed across North Dakota and into Montana. We were a little road weary after two 11+ hour days, but it's easy days for a while now. Plenty of stories and pictures when we get better access.
Thank you for all the words of support! We are having a blast. Spirits are high. Life it good!
Reporting from the lobby of the Cotton Wood Inn, Glasgow, MT
Gail & Lisa


CadetStimpy said...

Big Sky Country already? I'll be looking forward to those pictures. Glad to hear all is well, and you successfully showed those pesky crosswinds who's boss. Where do you plan to slow down and kick-back for awhile?


SheRidesABeemer said...

We slowed down yesterday, only 350 miles. We stopped at a museum. Today we are going to explore Great Falls, MT a bit and head up to Hungry Horse MT where we will be parked for 3 days!

Mongo said...

Terrific that you two can start to "smell the flowers" a bit. I wish I could be there with you. I miss you both.

Anonymous said...

hi, this is jackie! hows the trip?
it looks like fun.^-^ I cant wait to hear about it when u get back. lisa u ttly rock!