Monday, June 25, 2007

RULE#1: No Forced Marches

You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
Kenny Rogers, The Gambler
We’d hoped to take WA-20 all the way from the Idaho boarder to the coast, getting about 150 miles into it today. But sometimes plans change.
It was an ominous start to the day as I awoke to rain beating down on the asphalt outside our window. Wise move to have covered the bike. I clicked on the weather channel. At 6AM it was 39 degrees, there was even a dusting of snow on the hills outside our window.

I tried to be enthusiastic about such Rounder weather…BUT IT’S THE 3RD WEEK OF JUNE!! Packing took a little longer…or where we just dragging our feet? We where feet up by 8:30, it was drizzling and 45. It didn’t get all that much better. We saw intermittent sun, followed by showers temps struggled to stay in the 50’s … once we’d descended out of the 4K-foot elevation.

Welcome to Idaho

We stopped in Idaho for a weather forcast from Kevin…we learned the rain was lingering at the Canadian boarder and south was better that north. I scrubbed the WA-20 idea.

SPARE in Idaho

We made our way to Southwest to Spokane. We looked like two dirty-beached whales by the time we rolled in to the hotel lobby. It’s a wonder they rented us a room! We had at least 4 layers up top and 3 layers of bottoms and a layer of muddy truck spray.
Got Road Spray?

It was a very long 275 miles today… but now the sun is out, we’re crashed at a nice place with a heated pool and hot tub. We’re getting our second wind. I think we’ll review the 400+ Going to the Sun Road pics we have from yesterday….and any remnants of the blues will be gone.

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Gail and Lisa

Following your adventures (and mis-adventures....)

See you tomorrow.

Scot and Carol