Friday, June 1, 2007

Track Day Report

Track Day Report - Rounders Forum

This week I was reminded of the many, many ways riders enjoy themselves. We all ride our own ride, and while it may not be the same ride, we have more in common than not.

I went to my first Track Day this week. "Track School" they called it. Don't let the brochure fool you, there is a competitive undertone to Track School. I was not without guilt, I got called out for hauling ass down the straight away...because...well it was there. Apparently some of the more nimble Ducati's where getting caught behind me as I made my way around the corners and when it came time to pass me on the straight away, I'd just roll on the throttle and there was no catching my 1200 there. Now keep in mind our mirrors are all taped over, and we are instructed not to worry about what is behind us, but apparently I was guilty of bad track etiquette. As much as the Ducs where passing me on the inside! ...(click link above for rest of report)

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