Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hot Enough for You?

At a rest area in the Blackhorn National Forest, an old duffer shuffled over to us as we geared up. "You heading up or down?" he inquired, "you won't be needing those coats if you are heading down". "Oh yes" I replied, "if we go down, we'll need these coats". He didn't get my play on words. I find it hard to convince myself at times, but you are better off with the jacket and full-face helmet to keep the sun off you...and bugs too! E-VAP-O-Dana from Aerostitch offers some relief. It's a bandana you soak and tie around your neck and enjoy some cool relief.

How hot was it?
Imagine your Joe Rocket mesh jacket feels like a snowmobile suit.
Now imagine you are wearing it in a Sauna.
While drinking hot tea.

Well, maybe not a Sauna, because it was bone dry triple digit heat today. The only relief came from elevation. And at 9,300 feet we found lots of relief. What beautiful riding on WY-14 through Blackhorn. Amazing red roads, red rocks.

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Unknown said...

Good for you setting a good example for a future young rider (your daughter) to always wear your gear. Textiles have come a long way to protecting the rider these days.
Mesh jackets, pants & even helmets (steel mesh) are available if you have the $$$.
If it is to hot to ride safe is too hot to ride period!
I too am allergic to road rash.