Sunday, July 8, 2007

SD is one Hot Place!

Picture: The motorcycle gods looked upon us kindly today as we skirted these thunderstorms, we had only the road spray to contend with as it passed over the road in front of us.
We're resting comfortably in our air conditioned hotel. Sometimes this is the only cure for a hot day. We heard that it was 106 in the Black Hills (SD) yesterday. I believe it. As we decended out of the mountains the air was unlike anything I'd felt riding. It felt more like I was tending a fire. One road we were on was freshly oiled...or was the aphalt melting?

We had an enjoyable stay at our first Black Hill BMW Rally. We won the long distance two-up award. Easy to do with almost 6,000 miles on the clock. The first place solo rider was from the North West Territories, look it up, it's adjacent to Alaska.

I also got my first tastes of being an MOA Board of Director, and people figured out where they knew my name from I enjoyed listening to other riders' concerns about the MOA. I just enjoy talking about bikes! Poor Lisa, she just wanted to get back to the hotel pool! I owed her some time off. So we called it a short day today. We enjoyed coffee in downtown Spearfish, headed to Wall Drug, and ended the day in Pierre, SD.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa & Gail, My neighbors Silvia & Jackie say hi! I am at their house viewing the blog. We enjoy the updates. Happy trails. Jon

CadetStimpy said...

Damn, it looks a bit like the middle of nothing, aside from the long, straight road going through it. Why do people live there, again?