Tuesday, July 17, 2007

R&R in DC

We're at friends house in the DC area. We left the MOA Rally on Sunday (more about the Rally later). and rode to Cleveland with Kevin. We went through Milwaukee, Chicago and Cleveland - just passed through on the highway. It would have been nice to make a pit stop, but as with so many other sites, just too many things to see and not enough time. We couldnt have asked for better weather in the past couple of days, mostly clear, sunny in the 80's. As we got into the DC area the humidity shot up and the thunder clouds loomed, but we only saw 2 minutes of rain.

The fan on the K75 decided to quit in Chicago traffic and the bike began to overheat. Luckly we got out of the stop in go in time. I'm going to try to track down a fix, but may end up riding it home. I'm ok if we keep moving. 8,000 miles and this is the first mechanical problem, fingers crossed.

We're off to see the sights in the city, and take in a baseball game tonight.


repo said...

Great meeting you and Lisa last night. Sounds like an exciting trip!

Hope to cross pathes again...


repo said...

Wow...so that may have posted like....6 times!

MY coffee hasn't started working yet!


CadetStimpy said...

There's a lot to see in D.C., just with the Smithsonian and all that "government stuff". I used to live about 40 miles west of D.C. The Blue Ridge Parkway (aka Skyline Drive) is really nice. It's easy to get stuck behind a bunch of slugs, though, as there's lots of no-passing zones (not that you'd be worried about that) and people that think 45mph means they should go 30.

Too bad about the fan - maybe it's only a fuse.

Hey, that's a nice picture of Crater Lake. It's the deepest lake in the U.S. I'm headin' out to Oregon next month with Cyl, my girlfriend. But, we're traveling likes wimps - we're riding in a jet.

Sorry for not keeping up with posting on your blog, Gail. I confess, I'm lame.

Well, I hope all is well, and that you and Lisa stay safe!