Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Relief From the Heat

Picture: Road to Crater Lake, OR
Since the slight rain we encountered on our Coastal Oregon ride on last Monday we've had nothing but nice weather. Watching the Weather Channel, it appears we've been very lucky travelers. A couple of days before arriving in Glasgow, MT, hail storms struck the area. A couple days after leaving Spokane, WA rain and wind damage struck the city. Heat has enveloped the area we are in now (Boise) but we've kept our cool riding in the hills. It was about an hour of the hot stuff getting to our hotel yesterday, but no big deal. We hit the pool upon arrival. Today we'll arrive at Yellowstone, I expect it to be a little cooler there too and plenty of elevation to take us there. It also looks like the rain is on the other side of the mountains. So we'll be watching the Weather Channel closely as we get ready to depart the area and head toward Spearfish, SD. It's been happy trails when you've seen more snow than rain in July.

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