Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Long and Winding Roads

Yesterday I was pondering the following: Can a road be too long and winding? We left Brookings, OR (at the very southern tip of coastal 101) and headed for the Redwood Forest. We had an amazing ride there and got some nice pics. I’ll post them in the Picture of the Day section. We continued south on 101 to Arcata where we reluctantly took a left. It was 2:00 when we got onto 299 and then turned North onto 96 and spent the rest of the day. It was on 96 that I wondered about the long and winding road. 5 hours, on the second half of the day was tiring. What a road. It follows the Klamath River. It has tight turns, long winding turns, up hill and down. I was too tired for this road. 5 hours of a road that is 10x as challenging as our beloved VT-7. No doubt I’d feel differently if I was fresh, but I was one tired camper when we rolled into Yreke, CA (near Mt. Shasta) around 7:00pm. It was like a yummy ice cream Sunday…but it was to much of a good thing!

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