Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We got by with a little help from our friends.

I bought a few thank-you cards today for the people who welcomed us into their homes during our journey. But Hallmark doesn’t really sell all the types of thank you cards I need, so I’ll have to make up some of my own.

Thank you to the folks at Max BMW, they really understand what it means to support riders who are on the road.

Thank you to Jim, my trusted mechanic, who said I could call anytime, and set me off on a bike that didn’t need any support.

Thank you to the blog readers who donated quite a few tanks of gas, you made our miles a little lighter! We got anything from 130 – 190 miles a tank, and paid 2.65 to 3.65/gal. – And who knows how much a liter in Canada!

Thanks to those of you who left blog comments, sent emails, PMed, IMed or texted me! Isn’t technology grand? I wasn’t always able to reply back to your well wishes, but I shared them with Lisa and they brightened our day.

Thank you to the people who followed the blog and took the time to mention it to us when we met in person. It’s been very good to share our adventure.

Thank you to all our forum friends, who offered advice, rooted for us and read our stories.

And a big hug, kiss and thank you to Kevin for holding things down on the home front, sending pictures of kitty to Lisa, clearing the deck, and riding out to play with us for a week!

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome! Thank you for inviting me out to play.