Thursday, August 2, 2007

Every Trip Needs a Little Luck

Picture: Sporting her now trademark purple hair-glove, Lisa ponders life in Hungry Horse Montana

They say that luck favors the prepared. We had a lot of luck on our trip. Most of it having nothing to do with how prepared we were. Here are some incidents that I can recall.

1. Leaving the Great Falls, MT area at the end of our first week, I see Lisa in the mirror waving her pony tail to me indicating that she’s lost her hair-glove. The hair-glove is that divine invention that has kept her long beautiful hair from becoming an unmanageable rat’s nest. My heart sinks at the prospect of managing her locks without it. We pull off at the next exit; I need to get gas and air anyway. We get off the bike, chattering about how the hair-glove came loose, when we both look toward the tour pack and at the same time spot the purple neoprene glove wedged between the back seat and tour pack. It fell from her hair and landed safely. We were ecstatic and did a little happy jig right there in the parking lot. What luck!
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Unknown said...

I enjoyed visiting your web site, while doing research on our three day trip through and around Waterton-Glacier Park. I'm just wondering when are you going to ride out to Colorado? Drop us a line before you do. Leonard & Judy