Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Joy Riding

Sometimes you’ve just got to go out and ride.
No plan. No time table. No schedule.
On average I do this about zero times a year.
It seems like I’m always on the clock.
I need to get to work, get home from work or pick up the kid.
Always making miles, making time…
This weekend, we tossed the camping gear on the bikes and pointed them toward Vermont and went for a joy ride.
We made it all the way to Woodstock, VT., a whopping 125 miles away.
LOL. I remember when Woodstock was far away.
What fun we had. Stopped for ice cream, roasted corn and sappy road side sites.
We picked up a lean-to at Vermont’s best camp site (so they say): Quechee State Park. And it was good. A load of wood for a fire, a little bottle of wine and a starry night.
It was a fine weekend for a joy ride.
I think I’ll make time to do this more often!

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