Thursday, September 20, 2007


Fall is coming to New England.
Acclimation is the process of becoming accustomed to a new environment. Hot and cold. The weather in New England changes faster than you can say “What I Did On My Summer Vacation”. When it comes to cold weather riding, I could use more time than that to get acclimated!

If the temperatures decreased slowly and steadily over time, it would be easier to become acclimated to the cold. But we all know that’s not the way it works. For a few August weeks it’s 90 degrees and sweat pours down my face inside the Shoei sun room I'm wearing. The following week I am double checking the vents on my riding coat, digging out the wind triangle, and beating the dust off the heavy weight gloves.

Last night, as the sun disappeared over the horizon, the temps dipped below 60. I felt chilled. I laughed at the idea of being chilled at 59 degrees; after all I’m a Rounder– a year round rider. I have ridden each and every month since February 2004. There are Rounder’s who revel in the cold. I would not be one of those riders. I’m in my creature comfort years, I revel in the hot shower that comes when I return home! Sometimes, during the winter months, I get in one or two rides under the winter sun. A ride in the sun, no matter the temperatures, it is what puts the smile on my face, just as sure as any winding river road will.

Summer is short and Fall sets in fast. There is no time to get acclimated. There is only time to get out and ride and learn to enjoy the chill! Ride on!

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