Monday, September 10, 2007

Kiddo comments on trip

On April 30th, I sent Lisa a pre-ride quiz Upon her return, I decided to send it to her again to get some feedback on how things went, she finally got it back to me. Here are her unedited replies.
  1. I think the hardest part of the trip wasHOT days, uugh, sooo uncomfortable!

  2. I was a little concerned when…. There is a road in front of us that you can see for ever on. Or when it’s 2pm and Garmin says that you’ll be there at 6:30. Oh and the one time that some guy almost turned into us on the road; that was scary

  3. I think that riding all day on the motorcycle isboring. It definitely is when it’s like 12 hours. Shorter days are easier. I just don’t know how the Ironbutters do it!

  4. Some of the things I did when I got bored... listen to my music, sing Yellow Submarine, sleep. Yes I could sleep, I lean against the pack.

  5. After a long day on the road Iwanted to watch TV in the hotel or go to the pool

  6. Did Mom Have fun with you? Yes, most of the time.

  7. Did any of these fears come true?… (Get lost, crash, die, get mad at me, cancel the trip, drop Garmin, not be able to find a hotel)
    Well, I think you would know if you died, or any of that stuff. But we had a close encounter with the hotel thing.

  8. I really enjoyed seeingGlacier, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Crater Lake, everything. Everything, really no matter how boring was in a way interesting

  9. When we got to the rally I feltI don’t know, nothing special I guess. Excited to be there. Volunteering was fun. For anyone who is concerned; they need a better teen program in the future.

  10. Other thoughts and ideas not included above: This trip was a life changing experience for me. You look at the roads differently, you look at them and think, these are the roads that these people use, their commute their home. But unfortunately it is hard for most ‘non-rider’ people to understand the magnitude of this trip. I will be talking in school, or in class and say I went across the country on a motorcycle. And I could be saying I got a new pair of shoes, I get the same response from some people.


Anonymous said...

Great responses Lisa! Thank you for sharing them.


Anonymous said...

In the course of telling people, "I rode across country on a bike.......", at sometime, someone will perk their ears up and say, "Really?" They will listen and understand. Some understand; some don't.

Old Mud

Tim Kuehn said...

I think people who don't "get" what it means to ride cross country is they have no basis for comparison what the experience is like.

I had the same experience when I got home from a 6 week, 8100 mile run this past summer. But oh the memories.who've