Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bonus Days

Lisa and I seldom ride in late October. It's seldom in the mid-70's in the late October. What a day for a ride. It was Lisa's idea to head to Pack Monadnock

I really enjoyed the 1.3 mile auto road, Lisa said it was scary how steep it was and especially when cars where coming down the hill around switch backs.

The color was still very good. At some points the canopy was a kaleidoscope of orange, reds, yellows and green, the color saturated by the low autumn sun.

After walking around the crowds on the mountain, we headed to Peterborough for some lunch and pictures. There couldn’t have been a bike in a garage in New Hampshire, everyone was out enjoying the sun, the color and tell tale smells of fall.

We stopped near Crotched Mountain for pictures. We finished the day with an ice cream stop near home. Life was good on such a bonus day!

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