Monday, October 29, 2007

Garmin RIP

Picture: Lisa checks Garmin to see how much longer we have to ride in Canada
Garmin may be the brand name of the leading manufacturer of GPS devices but to me Garmin is the 2620 with the British English voice that tells me to take the third exit in the roundabout. Garmin was my 2620. Garmin was stolen out of my car last night; Garmin's gone; long live Garmin. It will probably show up on Ebay in a day or two. Some unsuspecting sole will be the high bidder on an usually low priced GPS, only to discover that their new acquisition has no code with it, it will never be upgraded again.

Locked inside Garmin’s little onboard computer are hundred’s of waypoints saved over the past 5 years. A trip of a life time is in there, right alongside a great little cafĂ© in the White Mountains, and a diner in Maine, Irene’s house, Krispy Kream’s in Spokane, and a little motel in Hungry Horse, Montana Maybe the buyer will plug it in and take my road trip, but not likely. They will more likely find their way to work or a soccer game or there little trips of a life time. I hope that is where Garmin ends up and not in the trash.

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Garmin. It would lead me astray sometimes; take me off the highway when I wanted to go fast or land me in Montreal traffic during rush hour. But it would also find me a room after a 600 mile day, gas when the light had been on too long, lunch when I was in the middle of no where. I got a giggle out of seeing top speeds of 214 mph, but a little pride when it was 92.2 for my 20 years K75.

Garmin has been my riding companion for 5 years, and I’m going to miss it. Godspeed Garmin, I hope you have a good trip.


Dave Gill said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. has a slew of refurbs. I got a 2610 for <$200. Hopefully you had saved your waypoints on you computer. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Gail - Sorry to hear about Garmin. Yeah, if I "lost" my Garmin 276C Plus, I would also lose a lot of places (land and water) that I've been to.

Also, very good entries about your summer trip with your daughter. She sounds excited about it. I just wondered why you didn't take the K12GT rather than the K75.

- BeemerMike

Anonymous said...

Losing my GPS would kill me!! I have a Garmin Quest that I would be willing to part with for a good price. Had it on my R1150R until I got the 2730. Let me know if you are interested.