Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Photo Contests

The Nashua Telegraph is running a photo contest. Readers are invited to submit a vacation photo for a chance to win a prize and be published in the paper. I enjoy entering these types of contests because I think have good material to work with this year. 35 days of vacation photo’s and I’m supposed to submit ONE?! Wow, that’s asking a lot.

I sent a handful of photos to the local drug store for prints (you have to submit a color print). I asked Lisa and Kevin their opinions about which to submit. I had my favorite. I also showed the candidates to a few people at work. Two photos come up as favorites. Of course their choice was limited by the few I presented. Who can select from 2,000! Maybe people would be more interested in my tourist shots of Ottawa rather than the wide open roads of Wyoming? But if every picture tells a story, the story I want to share is that of the open road.
Lisa looks for flowers
I’ll submit the open road picture, and Lisa will submit the Redwood Forest picture, technically the rules say one per person, not household. I hope they catch someone’s interest. I want to share our story with our neighbors!

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Anonymous said...

How could you pick just one photo? Impossible. What a wonderful story and trip. One you and your daughter will remember for a lifetime! Just gives us another reminder why we love to ride. I'm a 53-year=-old old hippie chick and my kids are grown, but it's never too late for an adventure with them! Deb