Saturday, November 10, 2007

Continuing Education

I’m about half way though a 10 week Photoshop class at the local high school. I am really enjoying it. For years I’ve been trying to make funny things with digitally modified pictures, but my efforts have fallen short with my lack of real skills. So when I saw the flier in the paper for this adult education class, I just had to sign up. The real beauty of it is that there are no grades! Just learning!

The tie in to bike? All my pictures are of bikes or bike trips, so naturally that is what I’m practicing on. I loaded a set of my own pictures onto a flash drive, and have been using them instead of the stock photos. Today I had the luxury of time to sit and work on some pictures and techniques. I did not set out with any objective in mind, but ideas came to me as I worked on a pen filter graphic of my GT. This led to me spending a couple of hours creating a new header for my blog. I’m very happy with the results and learned several new techniques on way. It was a perfect way to spend a cold November day!

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