Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Lost Picture Folder

Making Due
On our trip this summer, I traveled with a Toughbook computer. Almost every night, I downloaded the pictures from our two cameras. For some reason, the last set of downloads did not get under the 2007 Trip folder. When I was home from my trip, I copied the 2007 folder to my desktop machine. I've periodically had the feeling that I'm missing some pictures. Today, I powered up the Toughbook, and sure enough, there was the lost folder.
I just love this picture of Lisa. On the 34th day of our trip, we left DC and headed toward home. As it turned out we landed at my brother's in CT. In this picture, Lisa who by this time was a little jaded about the whole riding thing, is reading a teenager type magazine, outside of a gas station. She kept that magazine in her pack, and sat in the back enjoying it for the rest of the day...completely tuning out the "boring" Pennsylvania scenery. I love her independent thinking.

Day 35 - Atlantic Ocean
On the last day of our trip, day 35, we had one more important stop to make. Before heading home we needed to go to the Atlantic Ocean. It's not as if we'd never been there, we live an hour away from it, but our trip had always been sub-titled "From Sea to Shinning Sea". We needed to head to the beach. What a day for it. I like the picture of us with the bike, we have so few of the two if us together. But I think Lisa's face says that she's ready to go!
Girl meets World

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