Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!

For some time now, most of this decade in fact, I reflect back on the year just finished, and I’m satisfied to know it was so much better than the year before. Experience has shown me, that the year coming up will somehow be better the year just completed.

Once again it’s the end of a very good year, much better than 2006, and I’m optimistic that 2008 will somehow be better.

I accomplished many things in 2007. Taking a 5 week vacation with my daughter was the highlight of my personal and my riding year. I got to know some new people and was the recipient of some outstanding hospitality! I was employed the whole year! It was close at times, but I pulled it off. All the bills from my trip are paid, much to the dismay of my credit card company. I won a seat on the MOA board. Had some articles published and started a blog. This was the year I stopped putting miles under my tires for the sake of miles. I chose more roads less traveled and reaped the benefits of it. . My main squeeze and I did some fix and repair work together and are now the proud owners of a well tuned relationship. I even like riding with him. Definitely more of that next year.

I’m not big into goal setting. But I have ideas, and I have a vision of the kinds of things I’d like to do. This won’t be a big trip year; I expect I’ll be thinking about something for 2009. Keeping the big trip to every other year seems like the fiscally prudent thing to do.

Did you have a better year this year? Do you have plans for next? Is a big trip in those plans? You (and only you) can make that big trip happen. It takes a commitment to do it, don’t listen to the nah-sayers! Be specific about what you want to accomplish, line things up to make it happen! Have a Happy New Year!

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