Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

When I was a kiddo of ten or so, I remember that every winter I’d carefully scan the newspaper (a method of obtaining news pre-internet) every day in hopes of spotting some news about the Red Sox. December and January where the toughest months to find even an inch or two of Sox news. It’s kind of like that with motorcycling. Oh yeah, there are the motorcycle shows, but I’m not into that scene. I have a nice line up now, and no bike envy, no money burning a hole in my pocket. Even if I did, a bike show would not be my style. I hate crowds, and let’s face it they are not marketing those bikes to me anyhow.

I last went bike shopping in August of 2005. I spent two years lusting over the 2003 K1200GT. I must have test rode that bike once a quarter for two years. It’s a wonder the people at Max BMW put up with me. Anybody that knows me, knows I won’t be buying a new bike any time soon. But never say never. My car was so new when I bought it, the shipping paper, from the boat, was still covering it. So there are times when the lust gets to intense, and wins over the Yankee frugality.

So I don’t really understand the whole bike show thing. If I want to look at new bikes, I’ll go to the dealer. As far as new farkles, I’ll seek out what I need. The last thing I need is to “learn” about new stuff for the bike… I just as soon remain in the dark about them. It would only lead me into temptation.

We’ve been hit hard, early and often with snow this year. For the first month in about 4 years, it looks like I will not be getting a ride in. I’m ok with that, it’s only bragging rights, and in the big picture means almost nothing. I’m enjoying my cold winter months practicing my Photoshop skills by cleaning up my pictures and writing stories. I’ve even edited and posted some of my 2004 Spokane, WA trip pictures. Can you believe I only have 20 good pictures! Then again I did not have a back seat photographer.

Have a good time if you go the show, or anything else you find comforting this long winter. And if you do get out, put in an extra mile for me!!


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this post. I was fortunate enough to be able to ride today, and most likely on Friday. Hope you have a nice Christmas!

SheRidesABeemer said...

I can hardly get the car out of the complex! Thankfully my new job is just 10 minutes (on a bad day) away! I have all this free time now!
Merry Christmas!