Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why I Like to Share My Story and Pictures

When I got my MC endorsement, almost 10 years ago now, I didn't think very much about where I'd be going on a motorcycle. I'd been on the back of a bike off and on (figuratively speaking) for 15 years. A ride meant going two towns over for dinner, or maybe an ice cream.For a long trip maybe we'd go around the Lake. A long trip was about a half day.
Shortly after I was licensed, I met a guy who had a picture on his computer screen background. It was a picture of his bike stopped on a road out west - Montana or Wyoming I think. I was completely enthralled by not only the picture but the prospect that someone could undertake such a trip, on a motorcycle. At the time I didn't dream that I could be that person, but I never forgot that image.

I like to share my story and pictures, because I hope that there will be a woman, a motorcyclist or a parent who will be inspired to do something more. And maybe one of my pictures will be an image you'll never forget.


Becky said...

You've already inspired me as well as other gutsy women who travel alone. I had never thought of doing it until I read Linda R. Moore's book, 'A Little Twist of Texas' and a book by Lois Pryce. Now I can see myself traveling alone to far off places. I love the pictures you show.


Beaker said...

It is always great to read of adventures from a motorcyclist who shares their passion with both their own family and with others.

Keep it up Gail - really enjoying your stories.