Saturday, February 9, 2008

Balancing Act

Last year saw significant changes when it came to finding balance in my life. Sure we read about balancing work and family all the time. But what about the under served issue of balancing your riding with your non-riding life? For a while I was so focused on all things motorcycles that everything else seemed in the way of that pursuit.

Before the riding season began Kevin and I decided to pursue more quality miles. To us, that meant we wanted to get more enjoyment out of the journey and disregard the odometer. For a couple years we’d both been in pursuit of the odometer reading; and while that made sense at the time, our values had turned a corner. We didn’t quite go cold turkey but late in the season I realized neither of us made any note of how many miles we did on a weekend away. We planned less, stressed less and smiled more.

My biggest balancing act was taking the cross country trip with Lisa. It was not my trip. It was our trip. And while I did a lot of the planning without her, while we were out there, I made sure it was never a forced march for her. It was so important to me that she never feel like she was getting dragged along for this trip. I had to shed my “my way or the highway” attitude of riding. I revel in my solo riding, but acknowledge much if it is because I am too lazy to make compromises. Riding with my daughter was a perfect learning experience. It was my best parenting experience too. I watched and listened as I really got to know my girl. I was on the road. I was with my girl. I felt balanced.

I still haven’t figured out how to find balance with work. But it’s on my to do list this year.

Hope you get a ride in, or a ski, or a good book! What ever gets you through the winter!


Ronman said...

I truely enjoy reading your blog ma'am. Thanks for such a wonderful perspective on things.

Ride Safe,


Anonymous said...

Well Lisa... sorry bing so late... story of our Life you know, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", may your coming years be filled with the happiness and health to the fullest...

And now to your last post... which really made me happy to see that another odometer has taken a rear seat to riding! Believe it or not I have no clue how many miles we have ridden since we left 16 months ago!... It is all in the quality of the moment... of course, as many I was into it also... just glad to see I am not the only one reaching that wonderful stage...
You be well... always a pleasure.
Ara & Spirit

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.