Monday, February 4, 2008

Riding Pillion

I’m happy to report that I got a ride in yesterday. It was a short ride, just a few miles down the street for the best Roast Beef sandwich in town. Oh yeah, I didn’t bring my bike, I rode pillion; I let Kevin do the work and get his bike dirty with road spray.
For many years after getting my license I thought it was a badge of honor not to ride pillion. After all the back seat is only for women who don’t ride, isn't it? Thankfully I’ve lightened up about that rhetoric. I have nothing to prove when it comes to being a capable woman rider. I ride pillion for practical reasons: In August of 2005 Kevin gave me a ride to Cleveland to pick up my Ebay purchased bike. That was a very long 12 hour trip, no matter where you sat in the seat.
I’ll bum a ride to pick up my bike, or if we are heading out at night, I'd rather get a ride, my eyes don't do well at night.
I like to ride pillion for non practical purposes as I have never forgotten just how nice it is to cozy up to my honey back there. No, I’m not handing over my keys anytime soon. But I am going to try and be less critical to the women who have decided, what ever reason, to sit this one out.
Hope you get out for a ride soon!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to have you back there once in a while as well.

irondad said...

The attitude you express here is one I really wish more riders had. Everyone should just drop the pretending thing. Participate to the level it brings them happiness. Want to learn to ride for you? Awesome. Happy to ride pillion snuggled up behind a sweetie? Fantastic. Ride a certain brand because you like whatever about the bike itself? Go for it. Short rides your thing? Hop to it. And so on.

Wonderful wisdom, you have!

Crusty said...

I used to think my GF was crazy when she would mention that women riders made her feel bad because she chose not to ride. Then i watched and it's true that many women who ride, look down on those who dont. Its good to see you dont do that. -Crusty

Historical Society of Watertown said...

Back in '95, My gal rode a HD, and guess what? I was her pillion warmer for awhile, till I got my bike back on the road. Sometimes it doesn't matter if your in front or back, what matters is you're on the same page w/ the loves of your life!
Nice blog Gail. khn