Friday, February 29, 2008

Track Day in Montreal

Last spring I participated in Women's Track Day at the NH Motor Speedway. It was a convenient location for me, and for once and all women's event appealed to me. What I learned is that the track is probably not the place for me, my bike and I are built for speed not agility.
But I am still on the Fishtail Riding School's email list and this little offer came in the mail the other day. For the track day fan, this sounds like a fun time, track time at Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

I don't have any association with either group, I just wanted get the word out to those of you with a little time on your hands and money to burn.
Here's the deal:

Hey, Fishtail is going international! We have paired up with Eurotech Moto Ducati of Canada for 2 days (Monday and Tuesday, August 18-19) at the spectacular Circuit Mont-Tremblant just north of Montreal. This is a 2.65 mile dedicated road course located just outside of the Mont-Tremblant ski resort and is one of the few permanent tracks in North America to have hosted a Formula 1 event.
So here's the deal. We have 30 slots each day at $275, or you can join us both days for $500. If you're interested in seeing what a real road course looks like, or you've been thinking it would be neat to try another track, this is about as perfect a choice as there is. It's an easy drive, the scenery is stunning, and the track is as fun as it gets. It's also an easy sell if you want your spousal unit to come along for a couple of days away from the local grind (that's what we're all planning, by the way).
This is going to be a great trip. Get your passport up to date, and start working on your excuses now so that your boss isn't quite so suspicious when you don't show up for work.
The Fishtail Gang

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irondad said...

Track days will help your every day riding more than you may realize. Setting up for corners, selecting lines, and knowing what to do if you made a slight error in judging entry speed are a few that come to mind. Plus the extra smoothness you develop.

How awesome that you tried one out!