Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Will Ride for Content

It must be winter. Many of my favorite blogs and motorcycle forums are screaming for content. Sometimes you've just got to grab the keys yourself and go out and get some content. This is my way of saying, I got my first ride of the year in today.
The poor K75 has a dead battery, the GT started up without hesitation. I donned my layers and headed out under partly sunny skies temps approaching 40. I wasn't sure where I was going to land, but I had my camera and tripod with me, in search of content.
I headed for the highway because one of my favorite winter riding activities is hitting on & off ramps, they are a lot of fun for leaning and speeding. I set cruise control on 70 and scanned the sky. There were more clouds than sun, but it looked good enough to head to the coast. I could use some new water pictures for the photo forum. The one hour ride to the coast is one of my favorites. I got off 101 for gas and stayed on 27 East until 111 East, which will bring you all the way to Ocean Blvd. Ah the coast, the salt air, the twisty road...where the heck did all these people come from? I'm not the only one who is partial to a brisk winter day at the beach.
I parked and brought the tripod down to the beach, leaving all of my riding gear on. I resisted the urge to ask some of the other beach combers if they were cold, dressed as they where. I shot off about 150 ocean/wave/seagull/rock pictures. I've been exploring new settings on my camera and I was pleased with the results.
But alas, the real opportunity for motorcycle content came on my ride home as I encountered snow squalls just East of Manchester - of course I was not about to stop on the highway to take pictures! I need to get one of those handlebar mounts for my camera.
It was a chilly gray ride home, I'd lost all the sun. I did have a nice chat with a gentleman at the gas station. In fact the two people who did stop to chat with me today where both nice, they spared me the lame winter riding comments and just wanted to talk bikes and spring. I can get into that any time!
It was so nice to sneak in a ride today. Now I can't wait for the next! Hope you get out for a ride soon!


Ronman said...

I understand exactly what you mean by "will ride for content". I do that very same thing. I am planning a trip up through your state in May. After seeing that coast picture I really can't wait. I really enjoy your blog.

Ride Safe


SheRidesABeemer said...

Great to hear that you are coming up this way. I'm planning on putting together an entry or two for visitors to the Granite State. Come on over and enjoy our 12 miles of coast line!

irondad said...

I always find that if we just go out and ride content finds us. Looks like you accomplished your mission!

Anonymous said...

Hi...The machine you had asked about is a largely original, very late production R67/3. It's interesting to a vintage collector because it's equipped with 1955 pattern tailight and throttle controls...and the headstamp plate is stamped "1956". The R67/3 was produced/sold into 1956, because the R60 was only introduced well after the R50 and R69. Curiously, this particular machine was initially owned by "Helga", a gal associated with B&S.

Curt Miller said...

Delighted - and encouraged - to see another New Englander out for an early-season ride, Gail. I just took my first of the season today on a new G650 X-Challenge Max BMW delivered to me on Wednesday. Most people looked at me as though I was nuts. When I stopped in my favorite coffee house, a guy came over to me and said "you must be riding a BMW," though I was wearing nothing to give it away. "How'd you know," I asked. "No one else rides in the winter."

See you at the rallies. Ride safe!