Sunday, March 30, 2008

March In Like a Lion, Out Like a Polar Bear

Nothing says lets take the bikes to breakfast quite like a the frozen stream of water coming out of the gutter pipe.

Having already been postponed from a couple of weeks ago, 8 hearty Rounders gathered for the 3rd annual Syrup Ride to Parker's Maple Barn in Mason, NH. Parker's is a New Hampshire legend, it is located off Rte 13, down a long winding road and into the woods. Woods that do a good job shielding the icy road from the sun. There where some interesting spots where the tire track you were following, sort of disappears and you are left with only ice. But we all made it to and fro safely with nary a change of shorts.

I'll come clean and say I opted for the back seat this morning. It's inexcusable and I might as well turn in my Rounder card, if there were such a thing, but I was just in no mood to have frozen hands today. As it turned out, the power plug on Kevin's bike was not working and we both "roughed" it, making the 45 minute trip sans electrics. Thankfully Kevin is a big guy and blocked most of the wind for me. I took advantage of the lift and put the camera cord around my neck and snapped away. If I ever get the video loaded I'll post that too.

Here is a picture of the gang, we had 2 come up from Connecticut, one member took the cage in from Albany, NY, two wheeled in from Mass, and then Kevin and I where the hosts, seeing as we are so close.
Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride

Parker's was a complete zoo! We had a 90 minute wait, and the parking lots where insane. We parked the bikes easily enough, layering them up a little. Then we proceeded to stand in everyones way. Who's going to ask such a motley crew of motorcyclists to move?

The time went by fast as we exchanged the usual biker BS. As usual the food at Parker's was yummy. If you ever go there, do try the deep fried french toast. You may need a note from your doctor, but it's well worth it.

Out 10:30 breakfast was completed by 1:00 and we headed our separate ways. I turned the camera around and caught a picture of our friend Xaque on his BMW R1150R heading home to Deerfield, MA.
Maple Buckets and Motorcycles


irondad said...

I don't know. It takes a lot of fortitude to ride pillion in less than good conditions. No matter how good the rider!

Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the pictures of the motley but fun bunch. My kind of folks.

Anonymous said...

You look like the youngest one there! Looks like an experienced bunch. (I'm 54, nearly 55. It sounded better before I graduated from high school.)