Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ride Report...err I mean Looking for Work

Did you notice that I'm out riding in the middle of the week? Someday I'll get my contract canceled in July instead of February. Anyway, I'm job hunting again, today I looked in Salisbury, Seabrook and Hampton Beach, NH, no jobs there. It was worth looking.

New Hampshire has about 18 miles of beach. Most people head to Hampton Beach, by passing Seabrook Beach. How can you go to a beach over looking a nuclear power plant? I love the ocean, but rarely go to the beach during the summer. When I do go, I opt to head farther north to North Hampton or Jenness State Beach or Wallis Sands in Rye. My favorite hide a way is Sandy Beach in New Castle, I used to take Lisa there a lot because the water is calm, and there is shade and trees.

Why the beach report in March? Why not? No sense griping between snow and ice events. I had lunch with Kevin. He works an hour south of me in MA. There is no ground cover there, and I saw buds on the willow trees! After lunch I headed up the coast, and lost about 5 degrees. Oh well, I plugged myself back in!

I want to improve my photography, so I'm trying new things. If and when I get another steady paycheck, I'm looking at making the move to a Digital SLR camera. I think I've done all I can do with my trusty Canon SD750. I'm seeking advice from others on this one; and am currently leaning toward a Canon XTi body plus a couple of lenses.

As for riding. I had the requisite attempt by a white mini van to wipe me out. I didn't quite catch if she was talking on the cell phone and or yelling at her kids; all I know is I watched her move 3/4 of the way into my lane, I laid on the horn and moved over to the shoulder. I had a couple of feet of shoulder (I was in the left lane of a 3 lane hwy), there is a rumble strip then a little more before you'd slide into the grassy median. She was kind enough to over compensate for her error by jerking the van to the right. Although it didn't do anything interesting like a 180...

I arrived home in time to see Lisa walking up the hill. 150 miles and my butt was sore and my hands were really noticing the whole gripping thing. Yeah, it's been a sedate winter. Time for some exercises! Mental and physical.

Well until next ride, or maybe job, hope you have a chance to get out there and ride!


Ronman said...

The past couple of months workwise for me have been slow too. In fact I began looking forward to only working three or four days a week so that I could ride on those off days. I'm certain you'll find employment soon ma'am. I love my slr though it's way smarter than I am. Hopefully I'll get to were I can take some great shots one day. I'm greatful you only had a close call and not a curtain call my friend.

Ride Safe


redlegsrides said...

Greetings fellow contractor! I didn't realize you were one also. Hopefully you'll find something soon. I do IT Networking contract work myself, my present contract ends in August.

Dave Gill said...

Gail, when you move up to an SLR, you'll likely want a model with a wireless remote. Very helpful for self portraits in your ride reports. I am in the same position of being ready to move up from my point and shoot. Please post up when you have decided on a model. If I'm first after my research, I drop you a line. Again, the biggest feature I'm looking for is remote shutter control.

SheRidesABeemer said...

I've heard the remote control suggestion, I'll look into it, I figured I can use the camera timer for as much as I take pics of myself; but it's been pointed out to me that a remote will help with camera shake on micro pics. Makes sense to me.

Plenty of calls about new opportunities, but nothing I can spend yet. Speaking of spending, the state of MA is way behind on its unemployment claims. I feel bad for the people who live pay check to paycheck. :(

SheRidesABeemer said...

I'm going back to work on Wednesday. I've got a nice 6 month contract right here in town. Yeah! Of course that means no big trips this year, but that was the plan anyway. I think every other year will do the trick! Gives me a year in between to refortify. :)

Camron said...

Sorry to hear about your job situation. I'm kinda there with you. I've only worked 4 days since 2/11. But I'm also trying to make the most of the ride time, getting out whenever I can. I sure am glad I don't have to contend with snow, although the hazard of soccer Moms and cell phones is just as real here.
Glad you had an enjoyable ride.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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