Monday, May 5, 2008

BMW K Bike Celebration in July

Greg Hunt posted this in the Women and Motorcycles group on Flickr.

Announcing a new BMW event to honor Klassic K bikes.

From 1985 K bikes have been a reliable mainstay of the BMW motorcycle experience. There are examples with hundreds of thousands of miles on them. The oldest K bikes are almost antiques and the newest are over 10 years old. To date no event has been held to honor these trustworthy steeds. That will change on the last weekend of July 2008.

The first annual Klassic K Campout will be held July 25-27 2008 at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle campground, N 35o 24.235 W 82o 48.682, in Cruso, NC. The campground is located 6 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and 20 Miles off I 40.

Of course all motorcyclists are welcome. Cabin space is limited / tent space is plentiful. There is no charge other than camping, food and supplies.

This event was started by the KBMW Yahoo group,which provides technical assistance for Klassic K owners. We do have a couple of permanent names, for the event, in mind and will probably choose one that weekend.

Questions contact GREG HUNT at


Osman said...

Jeez. My world has come first circle. Didn't know you were on the list!

irondad said...

There's an older red K bike that will always have a special place in my heart. Katie and I were two up on the ST. Ahead of us was the red K bike with a solo male rider. Behind us was a whole pack of bikes as we were on an organized run. The road started climbing uphill with a lot of wonderful twisties. The K bike rider wicked it up and I stayed with him. Soon, it was just our two bikes in this awesomely graceful dance. This guy was smooth and skilled. We arrived at a viewpoint well ahead of the pack, grinning like crazy! Sweet memory.

SheRidesABeemer said...

Nice story thanks!

Emils said...

I enjoy your blog. I read the whole thing this winter. How I arrived at it is anyone's guess, probably reading about BMW motorcycles and clicking on links. I don't have a motorcycle, but took the PA-MSP course last month and got my license (to learn - as the instructors put it). Always loved K bikes and I guess that's how I found your blog. Now my motorcycle dream is on a bit of a delay because my wife is pregnant with our first!
Why I'm writing ... also read that you have been commuting to work on a bicycle. I commute too. Great exercise and good for the ol' mental outlook. I live in rural PA and my commute includes beautiful scenery, a variety of domestic and wild animals, a covererd bridge, and plenty of fresh air. You know motorcyclists and bicyclist have a lot in common. Starting with the fact that cars sometimes try to run us over, etc. I wish more motorcyclists knew that.
Anyway, keep up the good work on the blog. It is a great read. And good luck with the other kind of bike. They are great too. Take care.