Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gear Up & Get Out

I don't think it was this sky that did it.

Storm Brewing

It could have been the yahoos at the ice scream stand. 4 of 'em on new bikes, dressed to the nines in their best sweatshirts.

Or maybe it was this picture that did the trick?


Hard to say what motivated me on Friday afternoon but I had the urge to ride - despite the stormy skies. I pulled the K75 out of the garage and I geared up, all the way to the rain suit. And I was smiling about it...let the skies open up, I'm ready, I will ride by the unprepared and laugh in their general direction.

Next time the mood strikes you, listen to your inner mileage hound, and gear up, get out, and ride!

No Whinning


irondad said...

For a self-proclaimed 40 something mother, you're starting to sound pretty hard core! I knew there was something I really liked about you! Rock on!

PG said...

You have a very interesting blog here. It's the first blog by a motorcyclist mum that I've come across. :)

Demonio Pellegrino said...

Entirely agree with the spirit! The other day I even REFUSED to put on my rain suit when the storm approached, as I wanted to feel the cold sensation of the rain winning through my textile it used to do when I was a student riding wit no gear whatsoever...

Unknown said...

Nice item, Gail. We just came back from 5 glorious days in the Catskills and no matter how many miles we piled on there was still this nagging urge to ignore all the (necessary) renovation chores and keep riding... We split the difference and still had a great time.

Great blog. :)

Ronman said...

I always figured that the rain helps clean off all the bugs on my windshield.