Saturday, June 14, 2008

DOT Planter

DOT Basil
When I first met Kevin he was the kind of New Hampshire rider that rode with no helmet. His idea of gear was a Harley Davidson half helmet. He even had one of those "for novelty purposes only" helmets. Over time my riding gear habits and those of my friends started rubbing off on him, and he bought his first full face helmet. For a while he switched between the two.
Kevin's First Full Face Helmet

The tipping point came in 2006 when a close friend of mine was creamed by a U-turning jeep. As we walked out of the rehab center after visiting her Kevin declared he would never again ride without his full face helmet. I was sad for my friend in rehab but this was something good that came of it.

Less than a month after his declaration, Kevin was on his way to work, came over a rise in the road and found traffic stopped, he broke hard and high sided the bike. He flew over the handlebars and came down face first. His full face HJC helmet saved his bacon.

Shortly after that, he agreed with me that it was time to get rid of his half helmets. Now I'll sell just about anything in the house on Ebay, but I would not sell those helmets, I feel very strongly that no one should be wearing them.

Half Helmet Planter

Drain Holes for helmet planter
So one spring morning, I spread out some newspaper, grabbed a drill and put some drain holes right through the Harley helmet and made myself a planter. Last year I had a successfully geranium and this year we're growing DOT Basil.


redlegsrides said...

now that's a good use for those type of "helmets"!

Demonio Pellegrino said...

I had the same reaction as you husband concerning protective shoes, when I saw the foot of a friend of mine who fell off with his flip flops...after one year, he still cannot put his foot down. After seeing that, I always oblige my partner to put on sneakers at the very least, and I do not accepte her to come on the bike with open shoes or heels...

As for the helmets, in Europe you cannot ride without a fully type approved helmet. I myself hesitated for a long time before buying an open face helmet, as I find them dangerous. But now I have schubert J1 open face with a chin bar, which should give almost the same level of protection as a full face helmet (I hope I never have to actually find out...).

Unknown said...

LOL - great entry. Glad that Kevin is riding with a full face now.

I'm hooked on your site. :)

SheRidesABeemer said...

What a nice thing to say, glad you enjoy it! :$

Prof Wes said...

Great! Lead by example, well done.

Good use of the halfsies, too.

Anonymous said...

I think you do a great job with your blog and I really appreciated your helmet story. I totally agree with your decision to use it for plants.

Ronman said...

It seems the older I get the more I'm concerned with riding gear. I keep thinking about getting another full face helmet. I admit I wear a half helmet presently. I think I'll start looking at the full helmets and ask questions for the best ventilated ones. Any suggestions ma'am?


P.S. I too am hooked on your wonderful blog.