Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is the Road Calling You?

I've been pouring over my 2007 trip picture for an upcoming article and I've been fixated with the road shots.
If you long for the road...this collection might get you to gear up!

US2 WI, MN, ND? What does it matter?

MT200 - One of my top 10 pictures of the trip.
Lisa looks for flowers

Idaho 20, Extreme straightness!
Idaho, when will it ever end?

ID 20/26 Near Craters of the Moon National Monument
IDAHO 20/26

Eastern Washington State WA26 or WA27, just West of Pullman
Eastern Washington State

CA96 One of the best roads we traveled.
CA 96

Rte 138 Oregon, leaving Crater Lake
Rte138 Leaving Crater Lake

Black Hills of South Dakota, it was 105 degrees, I think the road was melting.
SD Black Hills


Demonio Pellegrino said...

fantastic shots!

Ronman said...

Great photographs! My favorite is the last one where you can see your daughter's reflection in the mirror. What an inspiration you are Gail.


Laughingdog said...

As many miles as you have put on the road, you might be interested in how I manage to take pictures while riding pretty easily.

First, I got a Pentax Option W20. I got it originally to use when I was kayaking, so being waterproof was a priority. As a result, of my friends, I have the only camera that is easy to keep accessible while riding. The worst that can happen from rain is that the lens gets wet and the pictures, in the short term, look horrible.

Second, I have some adhesive velcro that is attached to a part of the front of my camera, with the other part of it on my tank bag. If I won't be using the camera for a little while, I drop it in my jacket pocket. If I just need to set it down for a second, onto the velcro patch it goes.

In terms of image quality, my camera isn't really on par with the one my regular riding buddy uses. But there are a lot of pictures he has missed because he has to keep his wrapped up in his luggage.

On a side note, I have learned that, because of the throttle hand and counter steering, it is much easier to take pictures in the middle of a right hand turn than a leftie.

SheRidesABeemer said...

There certain are a lot of options. My favorite way is to have my daughter on the back taking pictures! :D