Monday, June 2, 2008

Sometimes it's the Trip Not the Transportation

I enjoyed the nice comments from my last post, riding in adverse conditions strikes a chord with people. But I have a confession to make...I love my car too. If you find this statement to be sacrilege - then I guess you need to hit a ride report link over to the right. You won't catch me referring to my car as a cage. I remember the freedom associated with obtaining my license at 17 and I still enjoy the sense of freedom associated with driving (and of course riding). Until recently, I'd put 25-30,000 miles a year on my car, what a shame it would be if I thought I was caged.

Lisa and I were reminded this weekend, that there is a time and a place for everything, even a car. We headed to my brother's, almost 4 hours, away for a birthday party, I had hoped to take the bike; Lisa has not been out for a good long ride in a good long while. But the weather forecast called for severe thunder showers. We hopped in the car, and in 30 minutes it was raining with such force that we could not hear each other over the noise! We both agreed that the car was the place to be! Arriving for a family party looking like a drowned rat would not have been a favorable outcome either.

3 Photographers

We made an unplanned stop in downtown Hartford, CT. Lisa had my SD750 and I had my new Rebel and hung out and took pictures. The skies had cleared by then. It was a fun little trip, even if it was by car.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. I really like my new camera and am trying new effects with it.

City Sites

Capitol Dome
Hartford Capitol

Carousel Horse
Carousel Horse

Not a Pretty Picture at All! (ok, now I wish I had the bike)
Gas Prices - $4.25


Ronman said...

Great photographs as always ma'am. I really dig the carousel shot.


Osman said...

The TL isn't a bad cage, certainly. I like the previous generation (yours) better than the current robocop look.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

Agree with ronman - the corousel is great. But I also like the one with both you and your daughter as a reflection on the glass.

Biker Betty said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a "car." I agree with you totally. I have referred to my car as a "cage," because that is what others have referred to it as. I have lately been rethinking this and I will now change back to referring to my four wheels as a "car." I do like my car. I like my motorcycle better, but cars are very handy.