Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip Planning

Finally I have a trip to plan. It's just a long weekend, but it involves taking out the atlas, searching Google maps and planning some fun along the way. I just love trip planning. Kevin, Lisa and I are heading up to New Brunswick in a couple of weeks; friends there are having a house warming party. It's Lisa's only decent trip this summer. She's been more interested in hanging by the pool on weekends. But that's understandable at 13.

We're going to head to Lubec, ME to visit the West Quoddy lighthouse. It is the most easterly point in the USA. Kevin and Lisa have not been there.
I hope the weather is better than the last time I was there in 2004.
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

We'll overnight in Lubec and then ride to Campobello Island which is across the boarder in Canada. Then, fingers crossed, we'll take two ferry boat rides to mainland NB and head north to our friends house. I usually avoid ferries but this saves us a couple of hours of riding, which makes sense to do when you only have a few days.

Now Lisa and I are heading home in two days, Kevin is hitting the highway Sunday to get to work on Monday; problem is we have only one GPS between us. Ooops. Last fall both of our GPS units were stolen from our cars, the night the Sox won the World Series. I replaced one of them, and it's made sense, as long as we have one we're ok. Until this kind of travelling happens. I'm still not hot to get a new one. I have a renewed respect for a map (with a backup GPS). We'll figure something out.


Dave Gill said...

What a small world. There was a great piece on Lubec featured on Chronical here in Boston last night.

Have a wonderful and safe trip. We'll be looking forward to the trip report.

SheRidesABeemer said...

That's cool, maybe you can tell me how it's pronounced. Is it Loo-beck or Lub-eck

irondad said...

May all your surprises be pleasant ones!

Lucky said...

Gail - I sure hope the weather clears up before you get here. Past few days have been feeling much more like fall than summer.

By the way, great blog!