Monday, August 18, 2008

An Ordinary Ride

Flames Roundel

Most of my riding is not extrodinary. Much of it is mundane, but enjoyable. I was inspired by a fellow Rounder, to write a report that showed the ordinary things that I experience while riding in my area. I hope that people from others areas will enjoy seeing my rideable world.

There was a Yankee Beemer breakfast Sunday morning in Westminster, MA. Breakfast broke up around 1:00, I had about 4 hours for riding. I headed west with the camera around my neck and took lots of pictures. Most of the following were taken while riding.

Self Portrait
Photographer Shadow

Rte 2 is a major East West Route accross Northern MA. It becomes an undivided highway in the western part of the state.


People that think all of Massachusetts is like Boston, would be suprised to learn that much the western part of the state is rural.

Hey look I'm doing the speed limit, due to the state trooper in my mirror
Back Roads Western MA

Heath Center Road. Heading north off of Rte 2 leads to many pretty small towns.
Back Roads Heath, MA

Back Roads Heath, MA

There is a lot of this to look at. Green fields and cows
Back Roads Heath, MA

Back Roads Western MA

North on MA 112 heading toward Vermont. Lot's of bridge construction around.
MA 112

What's not to like about riding in Vermont? This sunshine thing is great!
Vermont back roads

I wonder how many coffee shops there are in Brattlboro, VT? I almost feel guilty that this is the one I always stop at.
Coffee Break

Connecticut River Bridge Rte 9 from Vermont back into New Hampshire.
CT River Bridge

Heading west on Rte9 toward Keene, NH. What a perfect day for a ride, temps around 80 after a long stretch of rainy days.
Rt 9W west of Keene

I stopped short of the red light to snap this picture. Thankfully he was busy with someone else.
State Trooper in Keene, NH

It's fun to hit this corner with no car in front of you. Although I'd probably want to put the camera down.
Rte 9 East Dublin, NH

Someday I'll stop and take a proper picture of Dublin, NH center. The flag pole is smack dab in the middle of the road. The building on the left, where you can see Yankee, is where the Old Farmer's Almanac is published.
Dublin, NH

More bridge work. The roads in New Hampshire are in very nice riding shape.
Plenty of Construction

Getting closer to home, the corn is high in Milford
Corn Fields, Milford, NH

And that is what I have to put up with riding in NH, MA & VT.


irondad said...

Ok. The wonderful photos moved me to try to say something poetic or semi-philosophical, or whatever.


The rich tapestry of life is made of individual threads. Each by itself draws little notice. Combined, though, they are a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Great photos as always. I really like the first shot where you can see your shadow holding the camera.

The Oracle said...

Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

I enjoy your story telling through pictures. I'm the photographer on the back of my partners bike, but its impressive that you take them while riding. You can check out our pictures and more on Its great to hear about a woman motorcyclist's adventures. Keeping riding and keep writing.