Friday, September 26, 2008

Bikes, Bikes Everywhere Bikes.


Our cover story has been received warmly. My thanks to those of you who have left comments or sent email. I was a little disappointed that mention of my blog was removed from the story, but people have managed to Google me, and put the two together.

BMW MOA Open House

This past weekend was spend scurrying to and from St. Louis for the BMW MOA open house. The weather was iffy, but the rain held off until 3:00 and by then the majority of the crowd has already headed for home. I find it hard to believe I did not have a camera with me at last year's open house! I don't leave home with out at least my Point and Shoot! I brought the DSLR with me, with one basic lens. I am working hard at finding creative shooting opportunities. I tried to take the pics that other people were not, especially people, regular members! I made a point of stopping to talk to people who had not connected. It's not hard making small talk at a motorcycle event.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, and the liberties I took with photoshop. When I first started shooting, I was influenced by the "it must come out of the camera perfect" crowd. But I've really done a 180 on that. I think it's as important to display the best picture you can, sometimes that is right out of the camera, but mostly a little tweaking goes a long way in spucing up the presentation. I am no longer the queen of the uneven horizon, it seems everything gets rotated 2 degrees!

Pretty in Pink
Pink BMW Motorcycle

Anna & her dad Russ
Anna & Russ

Anna on GS


Jim & Bill
StLouis 088

Randy & Dave (MOA Pres)
MOA Open House

Ted & Chuck
Ted & Chuck

I made this my wallpaper...sweet
Blue Wheels

R65 photoshop effort - blurred background

K11 Heading Home

See you next year!
BMW MOA Open House


irondad said...

Some of your photos are coming out exceptionally cool! I've just moved away from a point and shoot to a SLR Nikon digital. When you say PhotoShop, are you talking about the software that comes with the camera or is that the name of an actual separate software program?

SheRidesABeemer said...

I used Adobe PhotoShop CS3. I bought the good one and took a class. There are cheaper options out there, but I like learning new applications so it was a good fit.