Friday, September 5, 2008

End Of Summer...Already?

Fall is on its way

September 1st, we all know it's the first day of fall, no matter what the meteorology people say. It is a beautiful time of year here in New England. Year after year we come racing into fall wondering where the summer went.

2008 was all about the price of gas. Staying closer to home or a tank away made a lot of sense.

April 25
April Gas Prices

May 24th

May 31st, this is the highest I can recall, and wouldn't you know I was filling up the car!
Gas Prices - $4.25

It was a quiet summer for us, relative to last years epic journey. Far more balanced with family and friends.

Some friends in New Brunswick
visiting with friends

Some down the street
Rear View Mirrror

I think I'm passed the stage where riding is the be all and end all of my activities. I've been enjoying photography more this summer, and am noticing some pleasant improvements in my work.

Better Lighthouses
Quoddy Overcast

Better waterskiers
air time

Oh, yes and better motorcycles!
All Clean

Even if it's not a Beemer!
Road King

Looking back, it's been a very pleasant summer. Not challenging, not monumental, but pleasant. I hope your summer was everything you wanted it to be..

rear view

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