Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall in New England

Red Tree

There has been a nip in the air for a while. 43 degrees with bright sun this morning, it brings thoughts of...heated gloves. Heck, I could have used heated gloves for the ride in the car! For some time now, my hands have been the week point in my cold weather riding ensemble. It's hard to say why I have balked at the idea of going with electric gloves? I guess there is a part of me that likes to stay low tech. But I think I'll be calling around to see if Max or Moto Market is well stocked on Gerbing gloves.


No, this is not me...I would never be dragging my feet like that!
Red Scooter

Lisa and I were back in Maine this weekend, enjoying a nice visit and a little bit of foliage...and a lot of shopping. Portland, Maine has a lot in common with Portsmouth, NH when it comes to puttering around downtown, except Portland is much bigger...and has that pesky sales tax thing!

Mill on the River

As the temps dip, the questions increase "when do you put your bike away?". Ummm, every night? I'm trying to be gracious and educate people that just because it's not t-shirt and jeans weather, motorcycling is not over with. A little of the right gear and you can ride 'till the snow flies. And for a few of us, that is no reason to put the bike away either. And speaking of cold weather riding, Cliff has a nice review in this month's BMW ON, for a battery powered vest to keep you warm.

Hope you had a fun weekend too!
A Good TIme was had by all


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about one of those vests for the next trip, at the moment I have just switched from my summer gear to my winter gear, and I will ride until the snow comes, which I hope is a ways away yet!!!!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Gail:

I see your bike is a BMW K75! This happens to be my favorite ride. I am currently on a 1995 K75 with a Parabellum Scout Fairing, which goes a long way at cutting down the fall and early winter breezes.

In another few weeks, I will install hand shields, common on the Beemer GS bikes, on my handlebars. These are great for keeping the breeze off your mitts -- and look great on the K75! The install is one little nut and bolt. The main anchoring point are the OEM mirror posts.

The hand shields cost $36 new from Hermy's BMW and take about 20 minutes to install. I hate bulky gloves and these allow me to ride with thinner gloves longer in the year.

I am going to check out the battery powered vest, however.

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads

irondad said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos. I live in Oregon which is a wonderful state. However, I've been lucky enough to visit New England in the Fall. There will always be something magical and mystical to me about that area and time of year!