Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Night Rider

Concord NH Capital Building - 6 second exposure
Night Rider Edit

I don't like to ride at night, I may be a Rounder but I'm not crazy about riding in the cold, but I do like a challenge. That is the short story behind this picture.
Adventure Riders have these threads called Tag-O-Rama. Someone posts a picture, you try to find it and you get to post the next picture, the tag. I have managed to get one for NH and one for MA, but mostly I've been just watching the fun. The MA folks have been grabbing tags at night, at this time of year, that's all us working folks have.

So there I was around 6pm, I was wrapping up my surfing, when I checked in on ADV real quick. And what did I see but the state house. Oh heck, I can find that in my sleep. I kissed Lisa on the cheek, threw on my riding pants, boots, electric jacket, and brand new electric gloves. Kevin had taken the King to work so it was easy work pulling out the GT

As I waited at the light, I realized that the controller light was not on...I had no juice from the power supply. I remember that this was an intermittent problem last year, and I'd not used the electrics yet this year. 43 degrees...no power. Oh well, I was on a mission and I happen to have a heated seat & grips. I flew up the highway, arrived in Concord, found the right spot, set up the tripod and DSLR, grabbed just two shots, and sped home. It was a fun run. I may just do it again real soon, given the right motivation.

13 Second exposure with cars
13 Second Exposure


fasthair said...

Ms. SRaB,

Looks like a fun game! How many of the tags did you get total? I think I seen three you got, nice job. In need to join that forum and see if there is a tag game in Iowa. I'm still riding everyday. Everyone thought I was nuts when I showed up in the rain last night at the concert!


SheRidesABeemer said...

I think this is my third tag, I had one in MA, 1 in NH.
I had photography fun taking the tag pic tonight. Will add to original post.

fasthair said...

I blame you!




SheRidesABeemer said...

That's great! You made a rookie mistake of stopping for coffee.LOL. It's a little easier in New England to get tags! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo. I love reading about your adventures. My blog isn't about motorbikes but my friends know I love riding and every now and then a post pops up about my trips. This time I wrote a blurb about your blog as I enjoy it so much.