Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Riding

Gone to the beach
November 1, the unofficial start to winter riding. I had the urge to get my November ride in early. Easy to do when it's in the 50's. I zipped the quilted lining into my riding pants, pulled on the ski socks and suited up for a ride to the coast.

MAX BMW was having an end of Autumn cook out.
Max BMW N. Hampton NH

Max had a nice turn out. He was flipping burgers and commented that he needed to get new grill if the crowd keeps getting bigger. I reminded him that his distribution list keeps getting bigger but his grill has stayed the same! I'll bet there will be two grills for the spring cook out.


BMW Motorcycle

Tiss the season for politicians, even at your motorcycle dealer
BMW Rider for McCain

The N.Hampton Mobil and Eriving Station where nice enough to have a little price war, the consumer was the winner
$2.03 for gas...who would have thunk?

It was in the low 50's, I didn't have to plug in, but did have the Gerbing jacket and my new First Gear electric gloves on. It felt like November. The leaves were mutted in color and there are more on the ground than on the branches. It was good waving weather too, if you're out in November, you have set yourself apart from the pack, even the knit cap crowd was waving to me.

Hampton Beach Sign

November Beach

I was uninspired at the beach. The tide was waning, so no crashing waves to be found. The sky, while not gray, was cloudy. I snapped a few shots, and headed toward home. I'll be back when winter settles in, I love being an hour from the beach or the mountains.

November, it's not time to put the bike away, it's time to pull out the layers, plug in and enjoy the ride!


Beaker said...

Looks like it's gettin cold up there Gail. Ride safe, and keep the pix coming!

Allen Madding said...

Rock on my sister, I totally agree, zip up, plug in and RIDE!

Unknown said...

Gail, keep it going. We're in you're neck of the woods too. Amherst, NH.

I ride the same bike as you, ours is green K12GT (2nd wnd).


Anonymous said...

Well today is Wednesday, the 5th, and here in SW Ohio I have put 200+ miles on (130 T/80W) the last two days. Weatherman says in the 70's (?) tomorrow, another day of riding. Hard to believe it is November :). Keep the stories and pictures coming - and ride safe.